Local Artists

July 14, 2019

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Are you a Singer or part of a band or music group?

If you are, Daventry Radio wants you! The first song after the news at the start of every hour is a Local Artist!

We love showcasing the local talent that so often gets overlooked in light of the larger towns and cities locally.

To add your music to our Local Artist list that plays on random rotation with other local artists please send the tracks, bio and social links to dj@daventry.radio

To be added, please ensure the following;

  • Ensure that it is your work/you have the required permission to distribute the track.
  • The tracks are original material and not covers.
  • Tracks are 3.5 minutes in length.
  • Tracks contain no expletives. (If your tracks do contain expletives we will be able to play after 9PM but not during the day).

In addition to playing your songs at the top of the hour, we will;


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