Business Bites

January 18, 2020

Business Bites

As part of our commitment to all things local, we are currently developing Business Bites.

The idea behind Business Bites is to give your businesses 15 minutes of fame locally.

One of our presenters will come to your premises, conduct an interview whilst creating an engaging piece for radio.

The first 6 Business Bites will be free with subsequent episodes being a small £25 donation to the station.

Voice Pops

Voice Pops are offered Free Of Charge to all businesses and charities in the Daventry Area.

Voice Pops are 5 second voice recordings that we will programme into our schedule for random playback.

An example for a Voice Pop is "I'm [your name] from [business name] on [street name].

To discuss Business Bites or Voice Pops, get in touch.


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