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April 23, 2019

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About Daventry Radio.

Daventry Radio is an internet-based community radio station for the Daventry District, West Northamptonshire and the bordering areas.

Established early in 2019 by myself, Wayne Davies as a result an interest in technology, a dream of being on the radio and looking for a way to connect the local community. The communities response to the station has been nothing short of pheonominal and we have seen some rather rapid success with an average listenership of 1,500 people monthly in a few short months!

Rather quickly we attracted volunteers into our station which number approximately 30 people, the Daventry Radio Team is ever-growing with everyone making their contribution in time and skills to create a station that is truely reflective of the local community. This may be a written piece once a month through to assisting with the daily admin. Our volunteers ages reflect our target audience and range from those in education through to the retired.

Listeners of all ages enjoy listening to Daventry Radio, however our focused audience would be considered 'HOT AC' which is Hot Adult Content for ages 18 to 80, again this is to be reflective of the local community.

I donated the initial amounts required to get the station 'to' air in addition to the majority of my spare time, but within a few weeks we attracted 4 station sponsors in addition to a news sponsor to allow us to satisfy the running costs and some investment into the radio station. At this time we are ran as a not-for-profit entity.

Feedback so far has been very positive and I hope that you will enjoy the fruits of the hard work that the Daventry Radio volunteers provide each month.

Best Wishes


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Daventry Radio for the Daventry District and Bordering Areas. (Image Courtesy of Google).

Below we have answered some of the questions that we've been asked to help give you a better picture of Daventry Radio.

What Music does Daventry Radio play?

We may be a little biased but in our opinion we play the best mix of songs!

During our Daily Play Show we focus on the 80s through to current tracks, playing most genres that are suitable for our target listenership of 21+.

Of an evening we have a wide selection of professionally produced shows focusing on everything from Country through to House Music. See Schedule.

Do you play any local music?

Absoloutely yes, the first song at the 'Top of the Hour' between 6AM and 6PM is from a local artiste and we have have a 2 hour special on a Sunday with nothing but local music.

We have everything from Folk Acts through to Rock during these slots, in addition this all of our DJ sets are from DJs based in West Northamptonshire.

Are any of your shows live?

Yes, some of them are! We are at the beginning of our journey and don't have a fulltime studio space where we can 'Go Live' all the time but it is in our 3 year plan to eventually have our own studios and increase the number of live shows that we offer.

That said we do live Outside Broadcasting from local events, so please do let us know what you are organinsing and we will try to be there!

What does the Future Hold?

We want to go 'all the way' in respect of FM licensing and transmission, we have completed a cost analysis and have a plan to achieve this dream, it will take lots more time and fundraising but we will be giving it our best shot! If you would like to advertise across our platforms or donate, please contact us.


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