Villages Crime Fear Over White Volvo Estate Occupants

January 09, 2020 - 2718 views

Report by Steve Edwards

Residents from a number of areas in and around Daventry have taken to social media and posted several pictures of a white Volvo estate car cruising past houses at night. 

Posts on Barby, Onley & Kilsby Village Facebook groups show that levels of anxiety are rising, following an increased night-time crime wave in the area, especially with thefts from open-air property and work vans. 

In a number of cases, victims have reported a complete loss of business as van-owners have lost all the tools of their trade and had to start from scratch. In many cases, thousands of pounds worth of damage has been caused as thieves have wrecked vehicle doors and locks just to gain access. 

Northamptonshire Police are reportedly stepping up their mobile patrols in response to 101 and 999 calls from the public.

Image courtesy of Laura Hunter & Richard Buttles (Facebook)


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