Shake and Rattle for Zach's Battle UPDATE!

July 23, 2019 - 493 views

Shake’N’Rattle for Zach’s Battle - how much was raised?!?

Firstly a little background....
Zach is 7 years old and was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) completely out of the blue on 11th Dec 2017.
DMD is a genetic disorder characterised by progressive muscle wasting and weakness. It is devastatingly cruel, always fatal and there is currently no cure. It is the most common fatal disease diagnosed in childhood with an average life expectancy of just 26 years and yet very few of us have ever heard of it.

Not long after his diagnosis Zach’s mother, Laura Holland, bumped into Sarah Franklin, and her partner Darren.
Laura had never met Darren and was extremely touched when he he told her his band, The Retrobaits, wanted to hold a fundraiser to raise money for Zach.

Fast forward 10 months and the first fundraiser meeting took place between 3 friends. Sarah, Cheryl Suthers and Laura’s mother, Lizzie Shisler who met in November 2018.

“We threw about a few ideas for a modest fundraiser in the new year. We met again in January 2019 and put out a Facebook request for possible venues. A reply came in from Margaret Elcock, landlady at The White Horse in Welton, who suggested her pub as a venue & said she would love to help with our fundraiser."

Excitement for a possible festival style event started to grow but would anyone come and more importantly could we actually pull it off?
Fast forward again to Saturday 13th July and following 6 months of hard graft the answer was a resounding yes!!!

Without the generosity of so many people we would not be able to announce that Shake’N’Rattle for Zach’s Battle raised a jaw dropping £4049.41!!!

"We want to thank every single person who who gave their time and services for free and who attended, contributed, donated and supported Zach’s Battle We are completely overwhelmed and delighted that we were able to raise so much to help Zach and his parents”

You can continue supporting Zach’s Battle by following @zachsbattle on Instagram.

If you would like to donate please visit the Zach’s Battle Go Fund Me page:

Daventry Radio would like to congratulate the team on such an outstanding result and give our best wishes and love to Zach and his family.



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