OAPs Get Star Treatment at Daventry Leisure Centre

June 12, 2019 - 348 views

Report by Steve Edwards

After the café at the Everyone Active Leisure Centre closed recently, some customers have taken to bringing their own snacks and drinks rather than pay the increased cost to use the replacement coffee machine . 

A group of pensioners who regularly use the centre for indoor tennis have been doing just that but this week the plan went wrong and there was not enough hot water to go around. A cup of hot water in the vending machine costs £2.40 so the group approached staff member Tom Herbert and cheekily asked if he could put the kettle on for them.

“We were only half joking” said Braunstone resident Annie Rogers, “But we were really surprised when he said that wouldn’t be a problem”. Annie’s husband Dave Rogers said, “It’s bad enough that we’re all saving up for our next television licence but a round of coffees would cost us £24!”

When fresh hot water arrived, the group gave Tom a round of applause to which he responded, “Feel free to ask anytime, it’s always a pleasure.” Game, set and match to Everyone Active!

Image copyright: Steve Edwards


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