Losing & Winning - Daventry Candidates Give Us Their Thoughts

December 13, 2019 - 450 views

Report by Steve Edwards

The day after the big vote and Daventry's unsuccessful Parliamentary candidates are licking their wounds and putting brave faces on things as they contemplate what went right and what went wrong.

Our reporter, Steve Edwards had interviewed each candidate for Daventry Radio and so we gave them each a call to see how they were holding up the day after the big result.

The Green Party candidate, Clare Slater said, “I’m thrilled with the growth of the Green vote last night, both here and nationally. It’s clear that many more people are realising that climate change is the biggest threat we face right now and I want to thank every single one of you who showed your support for me, the Green Party and the environment. Now I’m looking forward to focussing on my local sustainability activities so that we can lead the fight against climate change from a local level."

Labour’s Paul Joyce said, “It was always going to be a Brexit election, and the electorate showed us exactly how they were feeling. On a personal level there are still families, children and pensioners who are facing daily struggles with poverty, the new government needs to act quickly to ensure that the more vulnerable in society are given the support they so desperately deserve.”

The Lib Dems made the biggest gains yesterday and their candidate Andrew Simpson told us, “In context of a very difficult night for the party nationally, we saw a good increase in our vote locally. This provides us with a good base to move forward on particularly with an eye on the unitary council elections (when they happen).”

Winning Conservative candidate, Chris Heaton-Harris, said, “I feel very humbled to have been returned as Daventry’s Member of Parliament. The last 9 years representing my constituents has been an absolute honour and a big thank you for putting your trust in me again. I look forward to beating the drum once again for my Daventry constituents in Westminster and Getting Brexit Done!”


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