Interview: Transport Minister - Chris Heaton-Harris MP for Daventry

October 18, 2019 - 700 views

Report by Steve Edwards | Listen to the Interview

Transport Minister and Conservative MP for Daventry, Chris Heaton-Harris took time out to meet with Daventry Radio reporter Steve Edwards today and answered some pretty eclectic questions about his role as an MP, a Minister and a family man. Chris was happy to talk about local issues as well as national and international topics such as Daventry town centre, policing and – of course – Brexit. 

The interview will be broadcast on Daventry Radio as a podcast (see link below) but here is a flavour of what to expect with some of the questions Chris answered. 

  1. A little about your background – how did you get into politics – what did you do before?
  2. Appointed as a Minister of State at the Department for Transport on 25 July 2019.  How much time do you spend in Westminster?
  3. Brexit: Previously a Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Exiting the European Union from July 2018 to April 2019 – how glad were you to get rid of that job?
  4. You were an MEP for 10 years and a noted expert on the European Union Budget process, also Co-Chairman of the Fresh Start Project – which sought to renegotiate a new relationship for the UK in the European Union. But - you voted to leave. Why leave and why not fight for change from within?
  5. Where are we with Brexit? After the latest news – what’s your personal take on our prospects?
  6. What does a ‘Minister’ (of State) do that a ‘Secretary’ doesn’t?
  7. You were previously a Government Whip - What’s a WHIP?   
  8. Without having a traditional MP’s surgery, how do you deal with face-to-face local needs?
  9. How much correspondence does an MP have to deal with?
  10. How much family time do you get and how do you spend it?
  11. What local ‘needs’ are top of your priority list at the moment?
  12. Speaking about Daventry – where should local leaders be focusing their efforts and what do you think should be the noticeable difference in 5 years’ time?
  13. What difference will the new Unitary Authorities mean to Daventry residents?
  14. Daventry Town centre – is it such a great place and was the Rising Star High Street Award nomination really realistic?
  15. What are your thoughts about 200 officers being recruited? Is 2021 realistic with only 57 promised so far?
  16. You are a football referee but tell us a bit about the Inter-Parliamentary Cricket World Cup. 

Some informal 'Desert Island Disk' Questions…

  1. Favourite books – non-fiction and fiction.
  2. Favourite film
  3. Most recent cinema/theatre visit – involvement with Royal and Derngate Theatres?
  4. Favourite place to eat out?
  5. Favourite bands/music/genre?
  6. Favourite holiday destination(s) – domestic & abroad
  7. Politicians – living or dead that you’d most like to have dinner with?

And finally… You have used three-word alliterative phrases (e.g. "she sells seashells") 282 times in debates. Is that a conscious decision?


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