Green accolade recognises Council’s environmental efforts

May 20, 2019 - 174 views

Green accolade recognises Council’s environmental efforts


Daventry District Council (DDC) has been awarded the Great Green Star by the Investors in the Environment (iiE) scheme for the fourth year running.


DDC received the award for its recycling rate within its offices, carbon reduction initiatives, and innovative projects which aim to engage both its staff and the wider public.


The Council runs regular initiatives encouraging its workforce to save energy and recycle more including supplying staff with reusable water bottles and removing plastic cups from all water coolers, while the staff pool car scheme features an all-electric Nissan Leaf and a hybrid electric Kia Niro.


Wider environmental projects including the Big Poppy Plant and a subsidised home composting offer also helped put DDC in the top 5% of iiE members across the region.


DDC’s Great Green Star was announced at the annual awards run by iiE, an environmental accreditation and membership scheme which supports organisations that wish to reduce their impact on the environment.


There are bronze, silver and green awards on offer, with extra accolades such as the Great Green Star presented to organisations that go beyond the standards expected.


Councillor Jo Gilford, Environment Portfolio Holder at Daventry District Council, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have received the Great Green Star Award in addition to the Investors in the Environment Accreditation.

“This is the fourth year that we have received this national recognition for our ongoing commitment to environmental improvement and initiatives to support communities in making greener choices. We are very pleased as a Council to have this work recognised by iiE once again.”


April Sotomayor, Sustainability Consultant at iiE, said: “Daventry District Council was awarded the Great Green Star Award at the 2019 iiE Awards because the organisation went over and above our top-level Green criteria and achieved an extremely high environmental audit score.


“The score was boosted by exceptional staff engagement, and a huge impact on local communities through fuel poverty work to reduce carbon emissions and promote energy efficiency.”


To find out more about environmental initiatives taking place in Daventry District, or for tips on how to minimise your impact on the environment, visit


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