General Election Candidate Interviews - Listen Here!

December 08, 2019 - 1398 views

Report by Steve Edwards

Over the past few weeks, Daventry Radio has interviewed each of the Parliamentary candidates on the Daventry Constituency ballot paper and our news reporter Steve Edwards has been putting some pretty tough questions to them about the candidates themselves, their party politics and also asking them what they will do for the people and businesses of the Daventry Area if they get elected. We hope that you'll take time to listen to the interviews and maybe use them to help you make your decision about who you want to vote for.

Steve said, "It was a real privilege and a luxury to have time with each individual candidate and not only ask them questions on behalf of Daventry voters, but also to get a feel for the candidates themselves, as people. They all seemed to be thoroughly nice people and I hope that their personalities come through to the listeners."

Steve read all of the manifestos, researched all of the candidates and drew up the key issues before each interview took place. Hopefully, we've asked the sort of questions that you would like the answers to and that you'll see both the official Party side of the candidates as well as the personal side too. Don't forget to listen out for the Desert Island Disk Questions at the end!

Chris Heaton-Harris (Conservatives)

Chris declined our invitation to do an 'election' interview, so here's the one we did with him a few weeks earlier. 

Paul Joyce (Labour)

Andrew Simpson (Liberal Democrats)

Clare Slater (Greens)


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