Election Special: Interview With The Labour Party Candidate Paul Joyce

November 28, 2019 - 679 views

Report by Steve Edwards

Interview will be aired at 6PM Sunday Evening during our Local Hour, Podcast will be availble here shortly after the show

Paul Joyce, the Labour Party candidate for Daventry, came in to speak to us this week and answered questions regarding his bid to become our new member of parliament.

Paul didn’t always keep to the party line in his responses and, in addition to saying that he thought Jeremy Corbyn should issue an apology in relation to the anti-Semitism allegations, he was also very candid about other topics.

A podcast of the interview will be uploaded to this website on Sunday evening, but in the meantime, here are some of the questions we put to him:

  • Tell us a bit about yourself, your background, what do you do for a living and how you came into politics.
  • How many votes do you need to win in Daventry and where will they come from?
  • The voting public are more disillusioned with politicians – especially members of parliament – than ever before. What does that mean to you and your campaign? And how will you be aiming to get more people in Daventry to the ballot box?
  • What do you say to voters who are looking at voting for a Prime Minister rather than a local candidate and are the party leaders all equally unpalatable?
  • What’s your personal opinion - Do you think the British public were wrong to vote to leave the EU?
  • What financial benefits from a Labour win do you think would win the most voters over?
  • Your Party Political Broadcast – was it convincing to anyone other than the Labour Party voters?
  • The Manifesto – is there anything you AREN’T promising?
  • Convince a floating voter who likes SOMETHING about each party’s manifesto but feels that the parties as parliamentary entities are a laughing stock and none of them have a leader that they want to be prime minister. Convince them to vote for you.

Desert Island Disk questions:

  • Favourite books – non-fiction and fiction.
  • Favourite film
  • Most recent cinema/theatre visit?
  • Favourite place to eat out?
  • Favourite bands/music/genre?
  • Favourite holiday destination(s) – domestic & abroad
  • Politicians – living or dead that you’d most like to have dinner with?

Interview will be aired at 6PM Sunday Evening during our Local Hour, Podcast will be availble here shortly after the show.

Listen through any web browser, via our Apps or Alexa Skill.


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