Drone Nuisance over the Grange, Daventry.

May 15, 2019 - 124 views

Drone Nuisance over the Grange, Daventry.

A numer of complaints have been aired regarding the presence of a drone over the Grange in Daventy yesterday.

Some members of the public were quick to attribute the drone presence to an earlier announcement that the Emergency Services would be practicing drone flights locally.

However Daventry Fire Station commented; ' Its been brought to our attention that the drone flying over The Grange estate yesterday is being attributed to us carrying out some training. Please be assured it wasn't us. When we carry out training, it is done in an open space i.e. Borough Hill. There are very strict rules around when and where we can fly and these are always adhered too. The water rescue van that was also spotted around Daventry was involved in 'Blue Light' driver training.'

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