Conservatives Win In Daventry: How It Went At The Count

December 13, 2019 - 735 views

Report by Steve Edwards

Despite having the smallest gain in votes on the day, Chris Heaton-Harris has retained his seat as Member of Parliament for the Daventry constituency with 37,055 votes - which is  64.6% of the vote.

The biggest loss of the day went to Labour’s Paul Joyce, who’s share dropped by 5.5% to 10,975 votes.

Biggest gain of the day went to the Liberal Democrats where Andrew Simpson received 7,032 votes, that’s a 12.3 % increase.

Newcomer Green Party candidate, Clare Slater, will be pleased to have increased her party’s share of the vote to 2,341, from just 957 in the previous election.

246 voters either voted for more than one candidate or spoiled their ballot papers in some other way and therefore did not count.

With 77,521 registered voters in the Daventry area, the Conservatives now have a slightly increased majority of 26,080.

Daventry Radio wish to congratulate and commiserate all of the candidates (as appropriate) and thank each of them for taking time to come in and be interviewed prior to the election.

We hope to add commentary from each candidate as the day goes on.





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