Charlie Tarry and the Outlaws


Charlie Tarry and the Outlaws were formed in 2016, then known as the Charlie Tarry band.

Charlie Tarry, the band’s lead guitarist and vocalist, and Andrea Dow, the band’s bass player and backing vocalist, started to perform together as a duo and then later formed the band. After gigging with several drummers, and at one point a rhythm guitarist, they became a 3-piece band and Lawrence Butler became the band’s drummer. Over the past three years the band has performed at numerous events and venues such as motor bike festivals, weddings, birthdays, pub’s and clubs, and outdoor music festivals. Although the band perform popular crowd pleasing rock covers they also write original material and have released their first Ep ‘You Don’t Understand’ which can be found on all streaming sites and downloadable from iTunes.


Charlie Tarry is a Northamptonshire based singer/song-writer/guitarist who composes music that is steeped in rock ‘n’ roll tradition yet sounds appealing and diverse within the modern music industry. At the heart of his sound lies high accomplished musicianship that also never loses focus on melody and song-writing. Charlie is a graduate of the Guitar Institute London, where he honed his blazing guitar skills, and in recent times has developed a knack of producing catchy, up-tempo rock music. His material combines a blend of cranked-up Marshall’s, with well thought lyrics and a versatile voice, as perfectly exemplified on his new EP, “You Don’t Understand”.

Andrea Dow played the guitar for fun for many years, until she met Charlie, who decided she would make a good bass player (he needed one for the band….). With a lot of tuition and experience she has over the last three years become an accomplished bass player and backing vocalist. Andrea is currently working with Charlie on his latest songs for his next Ep to be released soon. Andrea also runs the band facebook page, deals with bookings, advertising and finding new venues to play.

Lawrence Butler at the age of 10 started to perform as a percussionist in and around Honk kong. He has performed to audiences of 1000’s, been broadcast on prime time television and has performed at various venues. He found his true calling as a drummer when he had the opportunity to play on a professional drum kit. Since then his passion for music has become an unstoppable force that has pushed him to perform with various artists and bands in the uk and he has co written, recorded and released an Ep.


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